Hi, I'm Ervin

Ervin Jonuzoski

Team Lead / Senior Frontend Developer

I contribute to creation of things in line with the allowed possible path of technology. I strongly believe that the client would be satisfied if you make the effort to pay attention even to smallest details.


  • HTML5/CSS3(BEM, SASS)/jQuery/JavaScript
  • Hybrid/Web App Development - Ionic 2+/Angular 2+
  • Knows how to Google!
  • Rest APIs
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Solr / Queries
  • Responsive Development (includes on device remote debugging and testing)
  • Performance optimization and debugging
  • WordPress Themes From Scratch
  • Gulp: Extensive Configuration
  • Package Management: npm, bower, git
  • PSD To Fully Functional Website
  • and this is just one small list

Personal Skills

  • Ability to work with teams and under pressure
  • Ability to learn new technologies
  • Ability to work on any operating system
  • Ability to adapt on any work conditions
  • Ability to come up with idea for anything
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent PS5 Player
  • Crazy Coffee Addict

Awards & Certificates

  • Certificate for Angular 2.
  • Won first place @ Startup Weekend Skopje
  • Web Development Certificate @ Seavus Education
  • Second place for "Factory of knowledge" organized by TAV Airport and FON University
  • Bachelor's Certificate @ FON University


  • Angular 2 Course @ Semos - Skopje, Macedonia
  • Web Development Academy @ Skopje, Macedonia
  • FON University @ Skopje, Macedonia
  • High School Kiril Pejcinovikj @ Tetovo, Macedonia
  • Elementary School Lirija @ Tetovo, Macedonia

Work Experience

Dec 2021 - Present


Senior Frontend Engineer

Skopje, Macedonia

Developing highly-advanced web apps.

Dec 2019 - Dec 2021


Senior Frontend Developer

Skopje, Macedonia

Mostly working on a SPAs using Angular 2+.

Jan 2017 - Dec 2019

One Inside

Senior Frontend Developer

Skopje, Macedonia

Working on a single page applications using Angular 2 and Hybrid App Mobile Development using Ionic 2.

Dec 2014 - Dec 2016


Frontend Developer

Skopje, Macedonia

Worked on a lot of projects, mainly front-end development including WordPress themes and landing pages. Lately started to work backend development at some projects developed with WordPress. Please check out their website for projects i've been working on.

July 2013 - Agust 2013

EVN Macedonia

Frontend Developer

Skopje, Macedonia

Worked on a web app for sharing ideas from employees of their company.

January 2013 - March 2013


Winter Trainee Program

Skopje, Macedonia

Worked on a new mobile application for e-banking and improving the services for the customers at the same time.

May 2012 - July 2012

TAV Airport

Summer Trainee Program

Skopje, Macedonia

Worked on a 360 degrees panoramic pictures for the whole airport, improving the profit for the airport and improving the services for their customers.

Performance Reviews

Yuriy Shulga

This is a great pleasure to work together in one team with such an experienced and skilled developers as you are.

Thanks to your proactivity and high communication skills, you delivers complicated functionalities and huge scope of tasks always in time(actually, in very short time periods) and accurately, even in cases the requirements or designs were raw.

This is very cool that you always have a bunch of ideas on how to automate development processes, feature implementation approaches, useful tools integration etcetera.

Sure thing you presentation skill is indisputable. You can drive a good demo even if nothing works.

Also you made great input in making the atmosphere in the frontend team kind and friendly, where teammates supports and helps each other. Your jokes represented as pseudocode are very funny and makes good mood on the whole day. This is what I will miss.

Vadym Bondar

Ervin has a great experience in Angular, hard working, responsible and the best team player. He did a great job while implementing complicated features. His quality of code is very high. Always ready to help.

Areas for improvement: Hard to say

Nikola Furnadjiski

I was working together with Ervin for the past full year, in the same team, on the same project and with full confidence I can say that Ervin is a machine! But literally. You just give him what needs to be done and in no time he comes up with a working and elegant solution. Very dedicated, prolific and professional. I think his technical skills should be no questionable to anyone. Worth adding here he possesses quite impressive communication skills, he did a couple of demos on our current project, some of them to the CEO some of them to investors and they were all pretty satisfied. All in all, Ervin is a true asset to any company and team, having him is of priceless value.

Areas for improvement: Regarding areas of improvement, I can not really think of any, just keep rocking like you are, never stop learning and growing. You rock! :)

Kyrylo Porozhnii

Ervin is an excellent Software Engineer I've worked with. Moreover, ambitious leadership skills make Ervin a true rock star on any team and project. He has a deep knowledge base in different areas which is not limited only to Front-End development and Angular Framework. Nice soft skills help Ervin to be in a good relationship with every team member and excellent presentation skills let him introduce the work of an entire team from the best side and in the most efficient way. Ervin can be a true leader. And he is. It was a pleasure to work with him for almost a year. P.S. JavaScript, CSS, SQL, etc. code charades in the team chat are a particular kind of fun 🙂

Areas for improvement: As for areas of improvement, I would recommend Ervin to be more precise with details of realization such as a 'pixel-perfect' approach or the cleanliness, structurization, and orderliness of the codebase. It may be my subjective opinion.


Upbeat from Ryan

In our first contract, Ervo successfully completed in ~2 weeks what a previous team (US-based company) could not complete in 14 weeks. In addition to being a technical expert in Angular, web apps, and REST APIs, Ervo’s thoughtful/proactive approach has also helped our team improve our UX/UI. He is very efficient and takes pride in high-quality, on-time delivery. Strongly recommend working with Ervo if you can.


Upwork from Sieva Kozinsky

Ervin was a great worker, great communicator throughout the project. I very much enjoyed working with him.

NPS survey page

Upwork from Greg Nuk

Have completed multiple jobs with Ervin now and continue to be impressed. He's professional, thorough, and keenly tuned to my needs. I like that he's got a strong design sense to back up his coding chops. Hire Ervin, you won't be disappointed.

Build new landing page with video background

Upwork from Greg Nuk

Wow, had a gut feelind about Ervin and took a chance. Rewarded. He totally gets it about the customer experience aspect of web development/design. Coding skills served our purpose and he seemed to now what he was doing. Ervin deserves your consideration. Passion + performance.

Web Programming (ongoing)


Ervin rocks!

WordPress Website


Ervin rocks! He is easy to communicate with and does good quality work!